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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top ten manga scenes women want

Women were polled as to what scene from a manga they would most like to happen to them. While I myself am a woman and don't particularly agree with the ranking, here it is:
1.  He hugs you from behind and says “I love you”
2. “Come with me today,” he propositions you a little forcefully
3. “You did well, didn’t you?” he says as he strokes your head
4. He reveals the person he was always seeking romantic advice for was actually himself
5. He kisses you as you turn your head

6. “What’s wrong?” he says as he peers at your face with some concern
7. He gets into a fight over you

8. He suddenly holds you by your chin and kisses you
9. When he sees you off, he suddenly pulls you onto the train with him as the train departs
10. “Don’t cry” he says as he wipes away your tears
The hugging from behind is far too overdone, and I'd say the rest would be ok for very innocent girls who faint at the sight of the boy in question.

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