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Sunday, February 13, 2011

manga online

no, not reading it, BUYING IT!
Yes, we all know that anime/manga merch is ridiculously overpriced, to the point where we would much rather just read it online. However, The Book Depository (bookdepository.co.uk) has FREE worldwide shipping, and are seriously cheap, manga being around $11 rather than $16+ for one volume.
They've got Bakuman, Bleach, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, K-on! etc etc Death Note is only $8 and they have pretty much everything.
Even though it's a British site, the website converts to whatever the currency is of the country you're accessing it from, so there's no messy conversions and calculations.
They also sell pretty much every book under the sun, and have various veersions and prices of each one.
Eg. I bought a book for $3 that was $20+ instores, and free shipping. Very happy.

And besides, who doesn't love online shopping?

from everyone here at AUA, we're not very active lately are we.... Well, Jayce and I are half way through our HSC and are prepping for half yearlies which are up soon! And our marks are really important for our futures and so future>blog, sorry!
For Takumii and Ben, they are just lazy T.T

also, anime news is pretty slow right now anyway. We'll keep posting the important stuff!

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