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Friday, February 18, 2011

LIMITED!! Azusa Figure!!

Azusa's fans listen!! This is indeed the best of the best Azu-nyan figure out there right now and also definitely the most appealing figure too! The Figure from Kyoto Animation will be released in somewhere September in 2011. To make this even better, this is a limited edition, so it can be cleared out any moment. So if you are desperately craving for it, I suggest you to pre-order it from websites soon before it'll be too late.Though, it is a bit pricey but since it's limited/extremely well made, everything is worth it.

Don't know where to get one? Try Hobby Fan: Nakano Azusa Limited
(More pics of the figure can be viewed in the link)

Takumii's notes
This time, even I was moved by the beauty of this figure. I wonder if I should buy it too?? I Always go for Mio first and Azusa second but this time, I just have the urge to buy her!! GIMME!! ><

Jayce's notes:
Hoshi hoshi hoshi hoshi hoshi hoshi. I'm loving this already and look at the colours and the design. I'm in love (L)

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