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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? episode 2

The new episode is getting a lot of crap said about it no longer being "funny" and turning into "rubbish", however, people are still watching it for the moe factor.

Here's my opinions:
It's a good anime, even if it is no longer "funny". All animes that contain comedy end up rather serious when the plot comes out anyway, unless of course it is Lucky Star.
The introduction of a Vampire Ninja in this episode does bring with it the cliche big busted beauty, supporting the notion that this seasons animes are all cliche and overdone with few originality. But the only moe factor in this anime is the main characters wild onii-chan fantasies.

Anyway, the second episode was good, it includes a lot of fried eggs, action, revelations about Yuu the necromancer and a new character, so it's definitely heading into the right direction.
What's all the complaining for?

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