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Friday, January 7, 2011

Kimi no Iru Machi Chapter 118

What is this?!?!?!?! Argh. I hate you cliffhangers!! The reappearance of Haruto's ex, Eba Yuzuki has returned to the manga with a surprise. Haruto went to a mixer (group date) because it was a favour from a sempai in university. With Asuka's approval and told him to help the sempai out, Haruto went but never would imagine meeting her once again ever since the death of Kyousake.

Well honestly, I never thought Eba will reappear this quickly in the manga and not to mention even going to a mixer. It only has been around 20 chapters since Kyousake died  afterall. I have predicted that she will come back eventually but thought she will never be in the main story anymore. That aside, Eba has changed ALOT~ she seems so mature right now and is no longer the Eba back in the  Senior High days. 

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