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Sunday, January 30, 2011

a bit late, but the new Bakuman Bishounen~

Nanamine-kun, he's kawaii, smart, cheerful, loud and oh so talented. Not to mention he has great hair! Sorry for the slow update, since Sleepyfans aren't doing this series anymore I forgot about checking other sites for it.
In 117, we meet Nanmine, and he gets a JUMP! editor. He also uploads his manga to the web, which is a big no no because it hadn't even been published in Shonen JUMP! yet. So he takes it down after JUMP! headquarters gets a bunch of calls from angry fans saying "why didn't this win?!" etc.

Sorry for the slow everything lately guys~ Pretty much all of the main authors here at AUA are going back to school tomorrow, for some its our last year and for others they're about to start their HSC prelims. But for Jayce and I we only have 2 terms left before our dreaded exams start, and its a big deal for us because every piece of work we do counts for out ATAR, which is the Australian state ranking system for university entrances. Its a big deal, and we're working hard for out futures, so occasionally a blog such as this may get sacrificed for an essay of two, but we'll update as often as possible!

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