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Monday, December 6, 2010

An update on the interesting lives of we authors.

Ok, correction, an update on the sparsely interesting lives of Kayla and Jayce.
I (Kayla) made golden curry (it's Japanese) and I'm taking it to school tomorrow so I can eat it and make Jayce jealous. LOL :3
also the both of us have a chemistry assignment that counts towards our HSC ATAR (the NSW test) so we might be busy with that till Friday. Which is when it's due 8)
right now we're comparing our works haha.
On a side note, the manga "Kimi Ga Suki" (shoujo, slightly harem, very cute) ended with such a nice ending today. Read it on Mangafox for anyone interested. It is short though, so I think it is well suited to a rainy day.

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fgghjjkll said...

Gambatte Jayce-san and umm.. Kayla.
Hope everything goes well with you guys.