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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poll Over + answering some comments

1)Kimi no iru Machi is not a gay manga, they both look like boys, but one is just a girl with short hair.
2) the manga which you saw HERE is called Boku no Hatsukoi Wo kimi ni sasagu. If you don't feel like reading it, there is an OVA AND a movie adaptation! Info on this movie can be found HERE although this website does not have 100% accuracy on its video quality. Also, the movie stopped and the manga continued since the movie was made, so obviously the manga will have more events happening.
3)Bakuman, my alllll time favourite is about two middle school boys, who through unseen circumstances, decided to become manga artists with each other. They go through the trial and errors of love, school, friendship and growing up, all while doing the best to create manga. It is a good manga because every chapter leaves you hanging for the next, they do have some morals throughout the whole thing, it's well thought out and the art is good.

Next, Poll results:
Azunyan and Mio seem like the most wanted Christmas presents this year, but did anyone actually get some K-on! stuff? if so, leave a comment!
Runners up were maids and.... life sized pillows, and in last place was figures.
Kind of unexpected, although once again, K-On! is on top.

Merry Christmas!

Takumii's notes
Asuka in Kimi no iru Machi is a tom boyish girl that Haruto likes right now. But she has became more feminine ever since she became the spotlight of the manga after Eba. haha

1 comment:

Ailovesya(: said...

1. ohh so shes kinda like haruhi from ouran host club. well not exactly but in some ways i guess.
2. && im gonna read the manga. ty for the info(:
3. well it looks good so when i finish my homework i'll start on that.(:
&& ty!:D i found really good anime/manga's b/c of this blog site!(: you guys are awsome!:D