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Monday, December 6, 2010

Oreimo announces 4 previously unaired episodes

Who wants some more Oreimo?

On Monday, the series' official site announced that the show will have eight Blu-ray/DVD volumes. So why is this important? Each volume contains two episodes apiece, and since the official broadcast run of Oreimo will be ending December 19, at episode number 12, that means that the last two volumes of the show will contain a total of four unaired episodes.

The seventh and eighth volumes are expected to ship on June 22 and July 27 of 2011, so while the show may be over, fans can look forward to more Oreimo funsies after the fact. I personally just wonder how much these DVDs/Blu-ray volumes are going to cost in the states, especially if there's only two episodes on each disc. I know that would certainly affect my decision on whether unaired episodes are worth it.

Are you a fan of Oreimo? Will you be getting the DVD or Blu-ray versions?


Good luck to Jayce for his chemistry exams. All the best!

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