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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~Mizuki Nana~ The Anime Goddess

I'm pretty sure the name Mizuki Nana have reached your mind once or twice in your anime life already. If not, OH MY GOSH!! THIS IS MIZUKI NANA WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!! Well I was kidding but she is a seiyuu/singer just like SPHERE. She is indeed the most well known seiyuu currently due to the success of her singing career. 'Innocent Starter', 'Eternal Blaze', 'Secret Ambition', 'Dancing in the Velvet Moon' and many other top of the Oricon Chart songs are all sang by Nana-sama.

Her Seiyuu career and her singing career has a huge different but her seriousness towards voice acting gained her the respect. Whether it's the soft Hinata form Naruto or the dark Moka from Rosairo to Vampire, Nana does it all with her skills.

Though now she hasn't been voice acting as much as she was in the past few years. She became more of a singer than a seiyuu now due to her tight schedules. As a big fan of her, I absolutely loves how she sings. That deep and powerful voice of hers makes her a very different singer among the other singers!!

PS. She is the seiyuu for Window 7 Mascot, MADOBE NANAMI!! XD


fgghjjkll said...

Umm.. Very enthusiastic Takumii. To bad i won't see you when I get back to Australia as you're already on holidays.

Takumii said...

hahaha holiday FTW