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Friday, December 10, 2010

Live Action Space Battleship Yamato

The live action for Space Battleship Yamato launched in Japan today and in its first five days it has already managed to sell $11.4 million (US dollars) worth of tickets. Anime News Network also made a demographic report that contained details of attendees of the launch, 54% were male and 44.4% were female. Roughly around 15.8% of people claimed they wanted to see the movie because it stars Takuya Kimura as the main lead.

Jayce's notes:
Now I haven't really been a big fan of Space Battleship Yamato (I'm getting the feeling that the Yamato canon from Starcraft came from this anime) as it has always been at the back of my to watch list. However considering the very good receptions for it I might give it a try sometime, or I could just the movie.


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