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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kugyu fans delight: Hayate the Combat Butler film coming

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of Tsundere Day than with the announcement of a new movie starring the Queen of Tsundere, Rie Kugimiya ("Kugyu" to you otaku). An announcement in Weekly Shounen Sunday confirmed that a Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler to you filthy gaijin) is in production, to be animated by Studio Manglobe.

This is incredibly significant for tsundere and Kugyu fans alike (though it's hard to call yourself a tsundere fan if you're not a Kugyu fan), as Nagi Sanzen'in is one of Rie Kugimiya's most important - and popular - tsundere rolls. Unlike her other tsundere advents as Familiar of Zero's Louise and Shana's Shana, Nagi wields all the most powerful tsundere traits: twin-tails hair, Kugyu's voice, the requisite tsundere attitude, and a powerful mastery of the Absolute Territory.

It's no wonder that Nagi regularly destroys the early brackets of the yearly Saimoe popularity contest, this year just barely losing to K-ON!!'s Azusa.

If you're wondering just how Nagi got to where she is at the top of the tsundere pile, perhaps you should consider watching Crunchyroll's Hayate no Gotoku! back catalog. But you don't have to, b-because i-it's not as if it were there just for you, or anything like that! It just so happened to be licensed on that site!

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