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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kimi no Iru Machi Chapter 115

This chapter of KnIM is..... SO CUTE!!! When Haruto was caught by Minami for going to a love hotel with Amaya, she was so shocked and was planning to Asuka about his affair. Haruto, who was forced to go to the love hotel for Amaya's manga sceneries could not explain anything since he has promised Amaya that he won't reveal her wanting to become a Mangaka.

After, he was asked to go to Cafe Amami to explain the situation. Realizing Akari and Asakura were also there waiting furiously. Haruto went on without explaining the situation to the girls and of course made the situation even worse as it was already. Therefore he has no choice and chose to tell Asuka everything himself.

As he saw Asuka, he told her that he went to a love hotel with Amaya but has did nothing at all. As she heard his words, she immediately, without hesitation trusted him and didn't even ask why since Haruto told her that he promised he cannot tell. She gave him a warm smile and they headed home.

Takumii's notes
AWWWW~~~ Asuka is so CUTE!!! When she said 'Because I trust you', it got me and now I'm in love with her!! I would love to find a girlfriend like her someday. But despite Asuka, I also love how they can be so loving to each other, even when something mayor like that has happened. I don't actively post KnIM on our blog but I have to this week because this chapter is just far too good!! ><

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