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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hana to Akuma / END

This was a totally unexpected end. I thought there would be a few more chapters before even a mention of an ending, after all, Vivi only JUST returned! But it was quite the ending. It started with page 1 (above), the wedding of Vivi and Hana, one year after the previous chapter. Hana is so grown up :3 And Vivi is oldddd LOL. But then they skipped some more time, and it was Elinor and Velten picking up Hana and Vivi's kids from school. A boy and girl, who look just like their parents :3
The girl is 70, while the boy is 73 LOL but they still look like high schoolers. I guess this is one of the perks of your dad being a demon...
 But then there is always some sadness in an ending. And with kids at the age of 70/73, Hana is sure to be quite old by now... In fact, she died. The last pages take place 3 years after her death. Vivi is by her grave, reminiscing, when his children come home from school.

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