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Saturday, December 25, 2010

fgg's Resignation post tidied up

A few things i want to say before i move onto the main purpose of my final post.

Firstly, I want to wish the staff and all our readers a very merry christmas and i hope they have an awesome and exciting new year.

Secondly, my greets to xxxNeroxxx/Ota-kun, AUA Podcaster, benzhao236, freelance news blogger, Jayce, founder of AUA, GG-Charlie, Game reviewer, Kayla (not so much), manga news blogger and reviewer and Takumii, anime figure reviewer and our monthly PV recommendations.

Now, Sorry Kayla, for being rude in my request.
About my location, i wish to keep that hidden to keep my profile as anonymous as possible but while my stay at w/e, i have made great friends at school like Ota-kun while missing good friend like benzhao236, at my home land.

I have already apologized about the rudeness of my posts, and with my resignation, i will not "order you authors around" again. I know i do not run the blog, and i have never stated nor implied that i have ever did.

I didn't care about my demotion, but i had a strong hunch that you, Kayla, was involved in it. However, i did not make a fuss about it to another administrator because:

1. I had no need for such power anyways and
2. Even if i were to be re-promoted, you would just demote me again.

I didn't want AUA to be just a simple blog. I wanted it to be a network. When benzhao invited me to be AUA staffer, i was excited. It was like a super early christmas present and I had a few ideas and plans for it which were nearing completion and were going to be shown to Jayce for approval.

I do not wish to talk about what these things are, as it would be a waste. I have deleted these things out of annoyance and rage except for the extremely private IRC channel i could not drop because my bouncer was down, which i think i will hold onto as a keepsake.

Therefore, when i had the chance, i removed ever link which could endanger the blog from being linked to in news posts on other sites and being shown in forum signatures. A measly demotion could not stop me from doing what was correct, so i asked Jayce to remove them for me.

I don't care about your gender or whether you are a "bitch" or not, but i do understand what i've done and I am extremely sorry and it won't definately happen again.

With my resignation, I hope that even without me, AUA can flip a new page and see a brighter day when it is more than just a simple blog, but a reputable news network.

And finally,

It was fun while it lasted but I cannot work with flamewars like this, and i do not regret my actions last night.

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