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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ultra Maniac going on Hulu and iTunes, courtesy of Viz

And now, more digital anime news. Viz is releasing Ultra Maniac on not just Hulu, not just iTunes, but both Hulu and iTunes. You could pay for it or not pay for it, isn't that great? The first five episodes of the series are available dubbed on Hulu and Viz's own anime portal, with two new episodes being added each Monday. But if you're the kind of person who wants some slightly higher quality visuals, you can buy the dubbed series for $1.99 per episode ($0.99 per rental) or $19.99 for an entire season. Even better, the first episode is free through November 23 to entice you to try out the series. The second season will become available on December 6.

Ultra Maniac is the story of a popular girl in high school who becomes friends with the strange new transfer girl. The new girl, however, is secretly a witch from the Kingdom of Magic who is studying abroad.

Are all the free episodes enough for you to check out this series, or perchance even buy the rest of the series?


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