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Thursday, November 4, 2010

[PV] Irony - Claris

 Hi guys, remember me? XD
 Sorry to readers who are following me. I am still in exam mode so I am currently extremely busy. Even so, I feel rather slack for not posting anything for the past weeks. Gomen nasai minna!

Anyways~ the pv for this season's best anime (according to me), Irony by Claris for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai's opening is out and the song is to my favour. Readers who are currently watching the anime will certainly get what I mean; catchy, dreamy and lively. Others who haven't watched the anime before, don't worry, this song seem to fit for majority of the people who watches anime. Right  now, this is played constantly on my playlist and it will be in yours too!

Btw, it was unexpected for a not so well known singer like Claris to sing such a good song. But thanks to this feeling, i was able to listen to another good song just like what happened for Bakemonogatari's ending.

Jayce' notes:
Like Takumii I'm in love with this song. I had it on repeat for the whole day today and I cannot get over it. It's joyful yet it doesn't go overboard and most importantly its such a sweet song. Another new comer to anime music industry has surprised me with her talents again, I expect great things from Claris in the future.


fgghjjkll said...

...Who are you again?

fgghjjkll said...

Oh yeah. It's probably cheaper to pay a not-so-famous singer to sing an OP than paying a worldwide known singer.