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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kayla makes her return!

Mina~ I'm sorry :( I have been MIA again :(
But I bring some good come back material! I hope I haven't been missed kekeke~
This week, Jump! had a poll for most liked Bakuman characters, and the results were really interesting! I was actually a bit shocked at some of the rankings, and of course, they were released with epic style:

Otters11 hasn't come out in the anime yet so you won't know 3rd place unless you read the manga. But AHAHAHA Otters came 6th, so kawaii :3 Some of our otaku friends say that they should make Otters 11 into an anime itself because it's just so cool! What do you guys think?
I will blog some more later! and more often...

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