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Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Rock Shooter Sequel

Now I know what some or most of you will be thinking

"They can't be serious right"
"This is a joke"
"No way"

Thats just a few of what I think you guys are thinking right now. Who would have guessed that Black Rock Shooter would be getting a second OVA, rather who would have even expected it to get another OVA after the first one. I'm a Black Rock Shooter fan myself but get this, I don't like BRS because of the OVA but because of her art style (and that shes based around a Vocaloid). I personally thought the OVA was a failure, the storyline was good but the way it was done could have been better. I would of enjoyed it more if it were a TV series instead. But Yamakan's Studio Ordet thinks it deserves another OVA, the announcement was made by none other than Good Smile's president himself Takanori Aki at the Anime Festival Asia.

Who knows maybe this one will bring some light on many and I mean many unanswered questions, at least this will produce more computer graphics art I'm happy with that.


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