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Friday, October 1, 2010

Sekirei: Pure Engagement Review

As promised guys, I'll write a review for Sekirei: Pure Engagement since the season has finally ended. This season mainly focuses on two issues: The wingings of Kazehana and Homura and the Uzume incidents.

The first half of the season is introducing of more new characters, retelling the story the and the wingings as Minato winged both of them during dangerous moments. Both sekirei was deeply moved by his words and has agreed to serve him. Thanks to that Minato gained more power and he was even more recognized as Ashikabi of the North. Other than that, all the faces of East, South and West are all revealed in the anime.

The second half of the season is dedicated to Uzume and her problems; showing her true identity to the Minato crew and how she has no choice. At the end Chiho was cured but in exchange for Uzume's life. But then, I strongly believe Uzume will return in the anime at the very end, we'll just have to wait. Minato promised Uzume to save Chiho and without any thought, he had a deal with him.

I honestly thought sekirei was going to end this season and was panicking really badly. Guess the 'to be continued' part made me happy once more.^^ But it is reasonable for it not to end so quickly, as everything will most likely be ruined since they are all rushed. At the pace sekirei is going for the manga, it was a really wise idea to make it to be continued. From my calculations, sekriei the anime might have at four season the least for it to finishe the whike sekirei story. reason being, I've heard rumors saying sekirei's plan have 5 stages and it took one whole season just to do one stage. Oh wells, more seasons means more enjoyment for Takumii in the future XD

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