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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poll closed early

Hey guys, I'm closing the poll early for two reasons: 1. it's been up for long enough I think and 2. I have a new question I want to ask!
So here's the results:
Manga is better than anime: 0 votes
Anime is better than manga: 4 votes
They both suck, live action is better: 4 votes
They're equal to me :S : 9 votes

So it's pretty clear most of you think they're equal, which in some aspects they are the same thing, one moves, one doesn't. Apparently no one likes manga more than anime, except maybe me, but I don't vote on my own polls, that's kind of pointless. 4 prefer the live action films or dramas, which some stem from manga/anime anyway (eg. Boys Over Flowers) and majority say they're equal!
So, I guess that's the end of this poll.

Kayla's note:
Um yes. I've been missing for a while. I moved houses and such. Some better news, Bakuman 104 is out today, and I did watch the first episode of it, AND I LOVED IT. But I never wrote a review because I didn't have time, however, I'll definitely do so for the 2nd ep!

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