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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Podcast announcement!

Hey guys! Oath, founder of Team Zebraman (or at the very least, it's IRC Channel) timer, typesetter, editor, quality checker, and "basic karaoke FX"-er shall be joining us in our first episode of our podcast. Your hosts shall be me and benzhao236 but if ben is too busy headshotting in COD6 on PS3 (If you want his PSN ID to vs him, let me know), Jayce shall replace ben.

Send all your art, fanmail, questions and nude pictures to animeupdateaust@hotmail.com and we will give all these to Oath at the end of the podcast. We should have the podcast done by the end of next week and shall be edited and released the week after.

Update: No emails have come in. Come on guys :| Also, benzhao236 has no mic and Jayce is probably sleeping or away.. In that case "nitrostemp" or "Ota-kun" shall fill in.

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