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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovely Everywhere (Taiwanese)

Dan Wei is about to enter high school, but she looks like an elementary student. Just before her first day of high school, she gets her hair caught on a mans button on a crowded train. Mistaking her for an elementary student, he helps her out and gives her money to buy a new train ticket and such.
After his pure act of kindness, Dan Wei hopes she will meet someone like that in high school.
As a matter of fact, on her entrance day, she does!
And it just so happens to be the same guy. However, Dan Wai soon finds out he's a play boy. Nevertheless, she falls in love with him anyway. He says that she's cute after accidentally throwing a book at her, but then declares he only loves older women, in a comedic play boy style.

Really interesting, and funny, and cute at the same time. Recommend, and I read it on Mangafox, but you can most likely find it elsewhere.

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