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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd review by fgghjjkll

Introduction: Project DIVA 2nd is a musical rhythm game on the Sony PSP. It involves pressing buttons; Circle, Square, Triangle, Cross and D-pad, to suit the rhythm and tempo of the music. This game is the successor to Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA.

Gameplay: This game requires you to press buttons when the notes meet and the timer hand reaches the top. Four difficulties; easy, normal, hard and extreme, exist in this game while it's predecessor only has three. It has five ranks each time you clear a song. MISSxTAKE, CHEAP, STANDARD, GREAT, EXCELLENT and PERFECT are the avaliable ranks while it's predecessor only has three.
Each time you clear a song, you get DIVA points, a virtual currency in this game, which allows you to purchase various items, costumes, rooms and help items. You may also get new difficulties and items. In the DIVA room, the vocaloid may dance, sing and interact with the music or his/her surroundings. Here you can watch your own previews, customize your room alongside many things.

Story: This isn't your average RPG, so I can't really say much about the story.

Sound: This is a musical rhythm game. It is quite music orientated. The menu music is something not supposed be noticed and just accompanies you browsing through the menu. The chosen music for the soundtrack consists of 90% Miku, and 10% other vocaloid music. Most of the music is great and the beatmaps are suited for the diffculty. (benzhao236 is just a noob so don't mind him failing at normal.) Two songs by livetune and supercell were composed for this game. こっち向いて Baby (supercell-ryo) and Yellow (livetune-kz). For a Sony PSP, high quality music is to be expected and the music genre just raises your expectations more.

Graphics: This game is designed for the Sony PSP platform. One of the most powerful handhelds. Of course, my expectations are higher. The game does not lag as much as it's predecessor. All past songs such as "メルト" and "ストロボナイツ" play through nice and smooth. The 3D sprites are smooth and the ghosting is still noticable on the PSP1000 and PSP2000 in "メルト" due to their stupid screens.

Other notes/fgg's rant: I preordered this game from playasia. They shipped it out, but either Hong Kong Post or Australia Post were stupid enough to some how lose it. Just to note, If you use the government post service, get tracked shipping! My preorder gift never arrived. I just got a replacement kindly offered by playasia.

Gameplay: 10/10
Story: n/a
Sound: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

• Fun game with a control scheme easy to understand.
• Wide selection of music. Predecessor is just full of supercell and livetune music
• More DLC options avaliable. (Append miku costume ^_^
• Other vocaloids have been included in this game.
• Diffculties suit the song
• Game engine improved. No lag found.
• Not enough emphasis on adhoc connectivity.
• Most songs are not the full length.
• MP3 loading buggy?

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