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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Extreme Blast Mode Destiny Gundam MG [1:100]

Well Well Well, I finally finished my awesome gundam model which I have built since the beginning of this year. It took a very long time with precise caution. One wrong move and bye bye model. Nah, I was just lazy and kept postponing it. Really wasn't in the mood to build it. It was this term's holiday that I sudden received high motivation on doing it and I did and now I felt extremely proud of it. =]

Here are some photos from the photo shoot that I did with my Destiny Gundam. (I should really get a professional camera)

Even though I finished the model, doesn't mean it is over yet. I'm going to airbrush this model to make it even more stunning since the cutting and the paint doesn't really look as go compared to the finished version of this model. I can't wait to air brush this! ><


Yami said...

I would rather get a normal Mg version rather than this one since the extra gimmicks doesn't worth the price tag.

You can consider to panelline the kits to look better and you should do more dynamic posing for the Destiny as well because MG Seed Destiny lineup has really good posability.

Takumii said...

haha thanks for the tip XD
I should really change the pose since it is really a waste for the my mg destiny but just scared to do anything to it right now. Haven't touched a mg gundam in a long time. XD
probably wait another few more days first.

And this has became my top 3 most expensive gundams...

also you would really find it worth it to buy it online/overseas rather than stores in your area. The comission is just... sigh