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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chobits Book 2

For the fans of Chobits you will all be delighted to know that second book of the Chobits omnibus has just been released today I believe, and I have actually picked up a copy from Kinokuniya (which some might know if they live in Sydney).

It is $32.64 which is a very cheap price for how much content you do receive. The first book of the omnibus was released in March this year so I recommend you pick that book up first if you have not already. Regarding to who sells them, Kinokuniya is a definite yes and I believe other stores that stock manga will have them as well.

This omnibus series is released by Dark Horse which has remastered all the pages of the manga with CLAMP's permission and supervision. The 2 mangas also contain coloured pages and illustrations.

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