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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bakuman Ep 2

Even though it is a day late, I said I'd review it, so here it is.
The main highlight is that Saiko asks his parents for permission to be a mangaka, and his Dad agrees, as a 'manly' thing. Saiko's grandfather also gives him the keys to his uncle's studio so he can become a pro.

That's a really rough idea of what happens in the episode, I watched it like an hour ago so I can't remember fine details, except for one. How much I now love Takagi LOL Because of the way he laughs, especially in the nurse's office :D
His personality is coming out a lot stronger in motion and sound, compared to still images, so I'm really enjoying the anime. And its already emotional with the family acceptance and all

I think to a long time fan like myself, it's really something special

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