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Sunday, October 17, 2010

2CH Saimoe Tournament 2010

Who doesn't love the antics of 2CH? They're the most entertaining forum group I have ever seen and of course they continue their antics with this tournament. The Anime Saimoe Tournament is basically an online poll held on Japan's 2CH forum board, where users vote for the most moe characters.

Any female character in a television anime, anime movie, web anime or original video anime released between July 1 2009 and June 30 2010 are eligible to compete in the tournament. Eligible characters are placed in brackets and of course the winner is determined by popular vote, the winners of each bracket proceed to the next round until the finals which see two characters left. This year's tournament began on the 3rd of August and featured nearly 300 characters.

Azusa thanks all of the people who voted for her

The results of the competition were:

Azusa Nakano - K-ON!! - 1,516 votes (winner)

Nagi Senzenin - Hayate The Combat Butler!! - 1,339 votes

For the full article and list results for the other round visit here:


Jayce's notes:
YATTA!!!! Azusa takes the world by storm again. Go Azunyan ^^

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