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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kimi no Iru Machi (a town where you live)

[Manga] Kimi no Iru Machi by Kouji Seo sensei is about a small town in the country side which lived the main character Haruto. His life was ordinary and typical until his met the girl from the city Yuzuki. Whether it was fate or destiny, his life began to spin as he found out, the girl he met will be living with him. From there where the story began and develops into the desired love story which every guy will wish for.

Really, this is a Shounen Romance Manga. I decided to start recommending it knowing the fact Kayla-sama is being one sided on mangas. For us males, shounen romance is the true thing for us and it is just totally different compared to shoujo mangas. But then again, main reason is because this is really worth recommending. The story will twist and turn so there will be alot of surprises. MALE MANGA FANS, LET'S UNITE!! XD

Kayla Sama's notes:
Aww I got tripped out myself. I was like whurrrrt? a manga post? no... :O
I am NOT biased :( I include shonen :( Bakuman... and Sankarea... Bleach occasionally.... :'(

Jayce's notes:
Ok let me get my head around this ... this isnt Kayla-sama's post?
Wow thats a first, ok how about we make this official Takumii covers shounen romance.

Takumii's notes:
I was kidding Kayla LOL you're awesome!
I'm basically covering everything, or trying to be~ XD

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