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Friday, July 16, 2010

Madman update -July

So we all know Madman as the company that dubs our anime, well they've released a whole BUNCH of updates, so here's the highlights:
High School of the Dead, can be watched on their website for free! yes, the WHOLE season will be available. (of course you have to wait for the episode to be released in Japan first)

Graphics Festival Sydney, is going to be held at the Opera House, and they'll be showing the world premier of Akira, as well as screenings of Spirited Away and Tokyo Express, along with a sneak peek of upcoming animes! (7&8 August 2010)
Madman has been increasing it's anime supply: they're now hosting a load of new animes, including Full Metal Alchemest: The brotherhood, Slayers Revolution, Kanon, Air, Ghost Hunt, Initial D 4th Stage, Kurau Phantom Memory and Kurokami
 Madman, along with it's new released anime, has new manga's, from debuting artist, to our favourites. Bloody Monday, Otomen, Reborn! and Toriko all have volume 1 up for sale at the Madman website. They also have a stack of Studio Ghibli artbooks for sale, including Kiki's Delivery service and My Neighbour Totoro.

In Australia, we have a lot of anime events, so here's a few over the next 2 months:
Adelaide: Avcon July 24-26 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, is the annual anime and video game extravaganza
SMASH! in Sydney August 7, an anime and manga convention, with Cosplay comps and usually an artists circle, drawing comps etc

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Anonymous said...

Was just going to point out that its not the premiere of Akira as I'm pretty sure it came out in the late 80s. It's a screening with a live score played by aus art rock band regurgitator.