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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anime WAR!!!

Hahahaha! many hardcore anime fans should know by now. Foreign anime fans are deeply insulted by Japanese and~ I guess we are doing the same too. Basically they are fighting about the piracy of Japanese Mangas. Kind of amuse me that this has became a war but only in Internet World. The chaos between Japan's 2chan users and Foreign Sankaku users all started ever since the shut down of the famous 'free' manga site, One Manga.

Personally, I find this pointless since this is an unsolvable topic. Both have wrongs and rights, so~ both are just as guilty. But then, for any any anime fans planning to go Japan, now would definitely be not a very good time XD

Kayla Sama's notes:
I love the idea of free manga, who doesn't? BUT at the same time, the manga you are reading is also a source of income for someone's life. We use the honorific -sensei when referring to our beloved mangakas (eg hattori-sensei :D yay for Ouran) so that implies that we respect them. SO we SHOULD support them, and buy their products. If I've learned anything about the lives of mangakas (ty ty Bakuman LOL) it's that if they don't get the popularity, they get cut. Bye bye income.
Personally, I DO support them, I buy manga volumes. When they come out. But I also read for free. I'm picky, if I buy something, I want to make sure it's quality. Of course, if I lived in Japan and read kanji fluently, I'd be buying the magazines monthly or whatever.
So yeah, it is a bit pointless. Piracy happens. There's no way to stop it 100% and I think that mangakas, in a guilty way they'll never admit, are appreciative of sites like onemanga and mangafox BECAUSE! it gets them free overseas publicity. You can't buy shit like that. Honestly, would they have such a huge Aussie fan base if not for mangafox, or onemanga?
and one last note. 2ch is way overboard with the racism.

Jayce's notes:
I was shocked and amused, more amused really. I always knew 2chan was notorious for its outbursts and antics but this one took the cake, the amount of insults they could come up for us was amazing, I've been looking at Sankaku's comments as well and so far I haven't seen any insults (better check after this post to make sure) it was rather clean on our side. What I found more amazing was the fact that both parties have no idea what the other is saying without a translator, its a war of words between otakus, lets just hope they dont start throwing merch at each other. I agree with Takumii but, we are wrong in this case though because it isnt fair that we are getting free manga but they have to realise that they are getting free publicity overseas and if our companies start importing their manga in then we would buy it, really dont blame the readers blame the companies that dont do enough to fill our needs. And quoting Kayla Sama piracy is piracy it will never dissapear so theres no use raging, the most you can say is .... walk the plank.

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