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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Working!! Episode 11

Yamada wakes up in the attic and banging from underneath her by Kyouko san and Yachiyo is heard as they tell her to clean the restaurant before the others come in. The other workers arrive and apparently Poplar has fallen in love with Takanashi, Yamada checks her forehead in case she had a fever. Yamada ponders over the apparent love triangle now made between Takanashi, Inami and Poplar and instantly sees Takanashi's and Poplar's pairing as pedo. Yamada is in conversation with Inami about to tell her Poplars feelings when Poplar rushes in, apologising to Inami declaring that she must confess, Inami not knowingly wishes her good luck. Poplar meets Takanashi and says to him that she has a gift for him and tells him to bend down, she abruptly puts a black wig on him and declares that it looks good on him, she has apparently fallen in love with his cross dressing claiming that he was the type of girl she wanted to become, despite him being a man. She asks him to cross dress for her on occasions which he rejects.

Poplar walks in while Takanashi is working and his immediate thought is that she had pictures of cross dressers. However the pictures were taken by Souma and the workers of Wagnaria when they were younger, it brings nostalgia to all the old workers but upon thinking further Jun remembers that Souma did not work there when these photos were taken. Jun reminisces about the old days when he just started out and he had fallen for Yachiyo, back then she saw him as a bully but she showed her cute side and Jun instantly fell for her. His reminiscence ends and Yachiyo states that it would be prefect if everything stayed the same, Jun doesn't feel the same seeing as that would mean a one sided love for him and when he tells Yachiyo that one day he would leave she is worried, even though others have left before she feels uncomfortable with the thought of Jun leaving.

Takanashi's elder sister, Kozue, visits him at the restaurant despite her being unwelcome and Takanshi had apparently told everyone that she is his next door neighbour and that its a coincidence they have the same last name, even though Takanashi is a rare name. She is apparently here to see how work is for her little brother and claims that the only reason he is here is for that "loli" pointing to Poplar, her real intention for being here however is that she got dumped by her boyfriend again and was seeking some place to drink beer. She returns the next day and praises the restaurant but complains how there is not a bigger range of alcohol, even though she knows that this is a family restaurant. Takanashi sees his sister even though he clearly told her not to come back and takes a couple steps towards her direction where he bumps into Inami around a corner and gets knocked out by a punch in the stomach.

Afterwards, in the break room, Inami and Poplar chan are listening to ghost stories read out from a book left at one of the tables from Yamada. Takanashi, Kyouko and Jun walk into the break room and turn on the lights, a scared Poplar is clutching Inami's arms and Jun takes this opportunity to tease Poplar some more by telling her more ghost stories. He offers to drive her home as its dark and shes scared out of her wits, Takanashi offers to walk home with Inami as well and Yamada seeing everyone going home with someone asks if Kyouko san would escort her home forgetting that the attic of the restaurant is her home. Inami and Takanashi are walking home with Inami holding the claw, they talk about whether Inami would be alright alone at home as she is a little scared because of the stories as well as her mother not being home, Takanashi suddenly stops and says that someone is following them, it turns out that Yamada had been following them all along because she was afraid to be sleeping in the attic alone. Inami and Yamada decide to sleep together at Inami's house but end up at Takanashi's house as they were both easily scared by Takanashi, it turns into a sleepover and his sister instantly takes them out of his care which was his original plan so he could get the chores done. Yamada spills Inami's feelings for Takanshi to his sister and she decides to help speed it along by dumping her in his room. Yamada and Kozue eavesdrop behind the door and when they apparently hear "naughty" words they open the door and discover the two playing "Old maid" a card game.

Jayce's notes:
Another entertaining episode but I just wish they would do something, Poplar's "love" for Takanashi's cross dressing was a bit obvious when she wanted those photos off Souma a couple of episodes back. I dont mind pointless animes I find them amusing and random, take K-on for instance, its random and quirky but it still has a goal in mind. I get the feeling that Working!! is trying to have a goal in mind but isnt achieveing it, its like Lucky Star all over again but Lucky Star was much more funnier. I guess whats keeping me into this is to see what will happen to Inami and Takanashi, and I really want Yachiyo and Jun to be together, it is a comedy after all though so I dont exepct much.

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