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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Latest Author: GG-Charlie

Hi everyone! As you all know, I'm GG-Charlie.This is actually my first post that I've ever done so....read on!

I became an author thanks to jayce, and of course a big fan of anime. I started watching anime about 2 years ago now when jayce recommended to me (or in fact forced me) to watch Chobits. Throughout this anime I was begging to watch the next episode and so on. I never get bored of watching anime, no matter what it is. Whether it was action-packed like Ga-Rei Zero or funny like Seto No Hanayome or beautiful and sad like Clannad, any anime was good enough for me - as long as it was anime :)

Other than anime, I like playing games, playing tennis and listening to Japanese music. The music I listen to are mainly the full songs of each opening or ending of any anime, so I really don't have much of a taste to a certain genre as I pick which songs I like.

Now because Takumii is covering the anime, Kayla Sama is covering manga, and Jayce is covering music, anime, and well....lots of other things, I'm going to mainly cover anime or really good games and support Jayce in his music and anime section if he needs help.

Thank you everyone! >< I'm really excited about reviewing the latest anime or good games out there and I hope you all enjoy my future posts in Anime Update Australia!!! :)

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