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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bakuman 88

Ok wow this is really picking up fast. Ashirogi comes up with new ideas when they feel they still aren't good enough, and with Hattori-San as their editor again they're really flying through it fast.
A quick over-view:
Hattori feels a bit confused over becoming their editor again, and he's not really sure if it's what he wants or deserves. Miura takes him to Ashirogi's studio to show him that it really is who he should be editing. Once the old gang is back together, Hattori's worries are completely forgotten and a whole new format for chapter one of their new manga "Perfect Crime Club" is decided after looking over Nizuma's panel work and Aoki Ko's manuscripts.

Can't wait for the next one~
And also can't wait for the anime!

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