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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Go! Go! Maniac! - K-on!!

Opening single of the hit anime K-on!!, the second season of K-on! (yes the only difference is the exclamtion marks) 'Go! Go! Maniac!' hit number one on the Japanese Oricon Charts during its first week of release. This song is a sure fire piece to make you jump around in joy.

Album: Go! Go! Maniac!
Artist: K-on!! (Aki Toyosaki, Yōko Hikasa, Satomi Satou, Minako Kotobuki, & Ayana Taketatsu)

1. Go! Go! Maniac!
2. Genius... (Instrumental)
3. Go! Go! Maniac! (Instrumental)
4. Genius... (Instrumental)


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